Insitox 1

A device designed to alert of possible deterioration of water quality.


  • Demonstration of a toxicity effect on a panel of living organisms


  • In situ monitoring of drinking water quality (factory outlet, tank, water tower)
  • Performance check / malfunction process potabilisation (quality control)
  • Malicious surveillance



Measuring device allowing local evaluation and monitoring of the chemical toxicity of water outside the laboratory. The measurement is made from three bacteria (non-GMO and non-pathogenic) selected for the representativeness and complementarity of their sensitivity to chemical pollution. The combination of their responses, analyzed by a specific software, allows the field delivery of information representative of possible variations in the chemical toxicity of water on living organisms.

Simplicity of implementation

  • Transportable and space-saving
  • Simple power supply on mains
  • Without specific laboratory expertise required
  • Freeze-dried bacteria delivered ready for use in disposable bottles

Measurement and Diagnosis

  • Automatic thanks to the supplied software
  • Fast (time division by 2 compared to a laboratory test)
  • Reliable (measures achievable in triplicate)


  • Elimination of logistics costs of sending samples to a laboratory
  • Reduced time to get results

Operating principle

  • After connecting the device, operators add the water sample they want to analyse to the consumable vials. For each sample, 1 vial is required per bioassay (3 in total).
  • The operator inserts the consumables into the device and starts the acquisition from the software.
  • The device performs the measurements according to a predefined program and returns the results.

Insitox 1 is an easily transportable device that makes the power of multi-organism biological tests and differential sensitivities for the assessment of the quality of all types of water available to any user for the first time, without the need for know-how or special equipment. The Insitox 1 toximeter is based on the biological responses of naturally bioluminescent bacteria coupled with a processing algorithm that provides you with innovative and useful data for all your monitoring and decision-making operations. More precisely, Insitox 1 is: - 3 strains of natural non-pathogenic bacteria, selected for their response to current  water sector issues and packaged as consumables for constraint-free storage and use. - The inclusion of A. fisherii allows comparisons with Microtox / NF EF ISO 11348 tests and historical data from most water sector players, but the test adds two other strains with unique performances and that are hitherto unrivalled on the market. - Panel responses with the parallel monitoring of the 3 strains in concert, taking into account all the finesse of biological processes but automatically interpreted by a software suite that simply offers you the power of the most modern approaches. - So simple even children can use it: our teams have validated it with their own families! What was reserved for the best equipped structures is now within everyone's reach. No special know-how or equipment is needed to use InsiTox. - A lightweight, small, rugged device, accompanied by a tablet loaded with the software suite and running on standard 220V power; it is easy to transport and deploy in many work environments. InsiTox is especially suitable for monitoring drinking water resources as well as for safety and alarm features for accidental or deliberate contamination. Several devices are currently active in drinking water production plants in France and Benelux and are valuable monitoring stations for qualifying water intakes and operating variables of structures in a completely new way. Insitox 1 is also ideal for monitoring water towers and reservoirs/drinking water storage, whether on a routine or alert basis.

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