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Tame Potable Water

Tame Effluent Water

Field bioassay for wastewater analysis

Tame Potable Water

Tame Effluent Water is an analyser that monitors and tracks the non-toxicity of wastewater or contaminated water (WWTP water, distribution network water). 

It is sensitive to the effects of toxic chemicals, including:

  • Heavy metals,
  • Pesticides,
  • Hydrocarbons,
  • Cocktail effects,
  • Endocrine disruptors, 
  • Drugs...
General Principle

Coupling between the respiratory analysis of 5 to 10 specific bacterial strains, a fluorescence sensor and a database.

Key Features

Tame Effluent Water is the “wastewater” version of Tame-Water products.

This analyser is specifically designed for local monitoring of wastewater at the inlet of urban or industrial wastewater treatment plants.

The measurement is carried out using 5 to 10 non-pathogenic bacteria, specifically selected from the bacterial population of each facility. The device thus allows for a personalised monitoring, providing an alert in the event of a toxic incident likely to alter the operation of the facility.

  • Analysis of wastewater in the natural environment,
  • Prevention of the impacts of potential chemical toxicants such as micropollutants, drugs or cocktail effects generated by the mixture of chemical toxicants,
  • Analysis of the toxicity of wastewater at the inlet and outlet of public and/or industrial wastewater treatment plants,
  • Analysis of waste water/contaminated water to protect treatment plant processes and in particular sensitive organic treatments.

Tame Effluent Water

Simplicity of Use
  • Transportable and space-saving (11.41"×11.41"×18.11")
  • Simple power input: mains supply
  • Easy to use: no specific skills required
  • Easy handling: customised panel of lyophilised bacteria, delivered ready to use on a disposable rack and directly insertable into the device

Tame Effluent Water

Measurements & Diagnostics

Automatic via software supplied
Customisable to each application or context
Fast < 6 hours
Economical because it eliminates the costs associated with the logistics of sending samples to a laboratory and reduces result-obtention time, allowing corrective water treatment measures to be taken if necessary.

  • Eliminates costs associated with the logistics of sending samples to a laboratory
  • Reduces result-obtention time
Instructions for Use

After connecting the device to a power outlet, an operator introduces the water sample to be analysed into the expendable vials. For each sample, 1 vial for each of the three bacterial strains from the panel is required (3 in total).

The operator, guided by a colour code, inserts the vials into the device and launches the data-collection via the software.

The device performs the measurements according to a predefined program and reports the results.

At the end of the analysis the consumables can simply be discarded without any special precautions. 

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