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Biodegradation Solution Tame-Water

Biodegradation Solution

Measuring biodegradability

Biodegradation Solution Tame-Water

For environmental compliance or qualification needs, for market launch of products with complex substances, Tame-Water’s line of Biodegradation measurement technology provides the perfect levels of proof and optimal performance.

The “Biodegradation Solution” completes the measurement process by introducing the time dimension of toxicity persistence.

Tame-Water® offers a comprehensive range of biodegradability measurement solutions for the totality of effluents, isolated substances, complex products/formulations.

Three levels of measurement are available depending on the objectives pursued:

  • A rapid organic load measurement (within a few hours) which provides an accurate equivalent of a 5-day Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD5) with high flow capacity 
  • A miniaturized but comprehensive BOD5 measurement, which provides a medium-throughput screening and a qualification of the biodegradation process with the NF EN 1899 standards
  • A comprehensive material balance in adapted enclosures quantifying the rate of mineralisation, the rate of biomass incorporation, the respective rates of volatile organic carbon (VOC) and non-purgeable organic carbon (NPOC).

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