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Microecosystem Solution Tame-Water

Microecosystem Solution

Modelling the real-life environment

Microecosystem Solution Tame-Water

The “Microecosystem Solution” revolves around robust devices immersed in situ. These devices have been created under a joint patent between the University of Besançon & Tame-Water®.

Rapidly colonised by the organisms and microorganisms native to the biotope in which they have been installed, these devices ensure a representative measurement of complex trophic states offering an innovative assessment of environment quality.

The complex relationships between the various species (primary producers, predators, intermediate-consumers) are precisely quantified through the application of the network theory. This theory provides several scores concerning the delicate relationships between the various species typical of this veritable miniature ecosystem.

It therefore constitutes an alternative to the traditional standardised biological indices (which are complex and time-consuming to collect) as well as being a completely new and informative approach to environmental monitoring.

Contact us to learn more and to deploy this powerful approach in your monitoring and integrated management of environments, IBGN (Standardised Global Biological Index), resources, processes...


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