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Microplastic Solution Tame-Water

Microplastic Solution

Detecting plastic particles in water

Microplastic Solution Tame-Water

Tame-Water® is proud to offer the first commercial and industrial solution for a quantitative analysis of micro-plastics in all types of water.

The "Microplastic Solution" uses a highly efficient and unparalleled method to protect against the undesirable presence of plastic micro-particles.

The presence of micro-plastics, in the form of microbeads or microparticles, is increasingly suspected in modern aqueous matrices, despite their varied particulate and chemical nature which has allowed them to escape, until now, from most detection methods.

Via a unique physical method combining the detection of specific molecular characteristics in the plastics and high-definition 3D spectroscopic imaging, it is now possible to accurately characterise not only the presence but also the exact nature of micro-plastic particles.


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