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Vigiwater Solution Tame-Water

Vigiwater Solution

Qualifying water resources

Vigiwater Solution Tame-Water

Vigiwater is the most comprehensive bioassay kit available on the market.

It ensures that the main mechanisms of toxicity at the source of modern water pollution are fully addressed.

Tame-Water offers two levels of analysis: Vigiwater Light and Vigiwater Complete.

Vigiwater Light Solution

This service includes:

  • A general toxicity test with 2 bacteria, 2 yeasts and either a daphnia or Vibrio test
  • An indicator of genotoxicity (sensor bacteria)
  • A human-cell based indicator oriented, depending on the case, towards general toxicity (human leukocytes) or oestrogen disruption or measurement of PAHs and other xenobiotics.
Vigiwater Complete Solution

This service includes:

  • A comprehensive test service for general toxicity with 2 bacteria, 2 yeasts, 2 algae, 1 fungus, human leukocytes
  • Detailed monitoring of oestrogenic, androgenic and thyroid endocrine disruptors (activation and inhibition) using high-performance human probe cells
  • Pertinent insight into genotoxicity on human cells (activation of core proteins in the reporting[8] and of the response to genetic lesions with or without metabolism) and prokaryotes (specific probe bacteria)
  • An extensive cellular stress test including oxidative, metallic, membrane, xenobiotic and photosynthetic stress biomarkers (powerful herbicide detection)
  • A reprotoxicity test in animal models with measurement of the integrity of the blood-testis barrier and gene detection of gamete maturation
  • A «medication» test which analyses the presence of multiple drug residues in water, in the wake of endocrine disruptor presence.

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