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détection virus

Virus Solution

Detecting viruses in water

détection virus

In light of the global health crisis generated by the Covid-19 virus, new environmental issues have arisen: 

  • Can tap water contain viruses?
  • Can Covid-19 be present in drinking water?
  • Can viruses such as Covid-19 be detected in wastewater?
  • Can the nature of these viruses be distinguished?
  • What impacts could viruses like Covid-19 have on our health if they are present in our environment: surface water, natural waters, rivers, lakes, etc?

In order to answer these questions, Tame-Water® puts all of its expertise at your disposal, via its network of experts in the field of water quality.
In order to better understand this topical issue closely linking health and environmental challenges, you can find more information by clicking here.

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