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Tame-Water products: analyzers that monitor and track the non-toxicity of water

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Industrials, local authorities or professionals in water production, you are facing questions about water toxicity. We answer your concerns about the monitoring and tracking of your water and about the detection of modern toxicities.

About Tame-Water | Expert in bioassays and water quality analysis

For more than 20 years, the Tame-Water laboratory has been helping stakeholders: communities, manufacturers, managers, etc. to assess and monitor the toxicity of their water.

More than a simple laboratory, Tame-Water engages daily with its customers to design services and material equipment that meet their specific needs, with the aim of ensuring them a perfect assessment of the quality of their water.

Whatever type of water to analyze and the purpose of these analyzes, Tame-Water has a solution!


Tame-Water designs and manufactures analyzers for:

  • toxicity of drinking water,
  • toxicity of charged water.

Drinking water and wastewater bioassay analyzers have been designed to monitor and track the non-toxicity of water samples.

These solutions consist of:

  • a toximeter (incubator, carousel, and a measuring device);
  • a digital tablet provided;
  • specific software used to read the results;
  • bacteria selected for their representativeness, their complementarity and their sensitivity to chemical pollution.


With its expertise, Tame-Water designs, develops and adapts its services to meet the specific needs of its customers:

  • services adapted to all types of water: drinking water, natural water, waste water, sea water, gray water, waste water;
  • different bioassays or bioassay panels implemented according to the defined risk or the question envisaged;
  • analyzes complementary to classical physico-chemical analyzes;
  • analyzes revealing chronic or acute toxicity linked to pollutants: heavy metals, pesticides, hydrocarbons, endocrine disruptors, drug residues, microplastics and "cocktail effects" ...

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