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Services Tame-Water


Tame-Water Solution, laboratories that conduct your analyses

Services Tame-Water

A specialist in bioassays, Tame-Water’s know-how makes it possible to offer reliable, global and pertinent water analysis solutions.

Responding to current health and environmental challenges, Tame-Water carries out all of its services in-house using proprietary and/or standardised methods.

Vigiwater Solution
Qualifying water resources
Potable Solution
Monitoring potable water
Effluent Solution
Assessing wastewater
Microplastic Solution
Detecting plastic particles in water
Virus Solution
Detecting viruses in water
Saline Solution
Diagnosing saline water
Biometox Solution
Measuring metal content in water
Norm Solution
Checking for water compliance
Biodegradation Solution
Measuring biodegradability
Microecosystem Solution
Modelling the real-life environment

26 rue du Bocage
85660 Saint-Philbert-de-Bouaine

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