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Tame-Water, partenaires et réseaux

Partners & networks

Tame-Water, actively involved at the ministerial and academic levels

Tame-Water, partenaires et réseaux

Tame-Water collaborates closely with academic research laboratories from different countries.

Its partners include French laboratories and international groups at the forefront of the field of biosensors for environmental applications, for example:

In France, the CBAC laboratories (UMR CNRS 6144 GEPEA), LEESU (UMR CNRS MA-102 UPEC) and IRCM U1194 (INSERM) ; and internationally: the Universities of Bologne, Jérusalem, Tel-Aviv and the Polytechnic Institute of Turin.

In France, Tame-Water is actively involved in interministerial working groups (Bioassays and Environmental Metrology)  coordinated by the OFB, INERIS and LNE
Tame-Water has also set up a network of private entities including private operators such as the WatchFrog laboratory, the Hydreos, Pôle Mer Bretagne, Eco-Tech Durapôle competitiveness clusters, the company Kallistem and major cross-border players such as BDS, MicroLife Solutions and LEITAT

Finally, the Tame-Water team is proud to collaborate with the Belgian public drinking water utility, VIVAQUA, via one of its innovative products, INSITOX.

Culture bactéries
Bacteria culture

What is the pôle mer Bretagne ?

A competitiveness cluster bringing together companies, laboratories, research centres and training and education establishments within a specific region and around a common theme.

What is the eco-tech Durapôle cluster?

Created in 2009, Durapôle aims to bring together SMEs in order to innovate, sell together and develop joint offers on the environmental markets.

What is Hydreos?

HYDREOS is a collaborative innovation accelerator linking companies, research laboratories and public authorities. HYDREOS has been awarded the European Gold label «Cluster Management Excellence».

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