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Tame-Water industrie

Tame-Water with the industry

Tame-Water industrie

Pour les industriels, l’eau est une ressource stratégique, voir vitale pour certaines industries à l’image des industries chimiques (pétrochimie, phytosanitaire, pharmaceutique, oléochimie…), industries papetières et agroalimentaires.  

L’analyse de leurs eaux de process, de leurs eaux de rejet, relève d’un triple enjeu... C’est à la fois une question de responsabilité, d’image et d’obligation tant les réglementations à leur égard sont strictes. C’est aussi une nécessité économique pour garantir la continuité de production et ainsi pérenniser leurs activités. 

Ainsi, ces derniers sont naturellement en quête de solutions d’analyses de l’eau fiable pour s’assurer de la qualité de leurs productions, préserver cette ressource et l’économiser en réutilisant notamment les eaux usées.

Industrialists' issues

Regulatory tightening

All over the world, regulations are becoming increasingly strict, both for the quality of water discharged into the natural environment and for that which is extracted from it. Although this resource is already very closely monitored in France, many emerging micropollutants raise many questions: drug residues, endocrine disruptors, pesticides / herbicides, the combination of the latter (cocktail effect) ... The great diversity of their chemical structures and the lack of knowledge of their potential effects make it difficult to establish a definition of regulatory threshold. Well aware of this, some manufacturers wish to go beyond the current regulations by conducting more in-depth analyses.

Quality production

Essential to the chemical and food industries, water can impact the quality and safety of manufactured products. Water must meet specific specifications for each use. Controlling the quality of this process water is therefore a major challenge in order to guarantee quality and safe production.

Reduction of the environmental footprint

Although already subject to compliance with standards setting pollutant concentrations in their effluents, industrial companies are increasingly committed to reducing their environmental footprint on water resources. Some have already undertaken to go beyond current regulations by conducting more thorough analyses of their water quality.

Optimization of the overall cost

For many industries, water represents an important raw material in their production. Controlling this resource is an integral part of their strategic plan to improve their competitiveness. The "Reut "* projects are perfectly in line with this logic and require a detailed analysis of the water in order to ensure its suitability for the applications envisaged. 

*REUT: Reuse of wastewater 


Reputation is a key issue for consumer brands that are potentially exposed to activist campaigns. Corporate responsibility for water management is under increasing scrutiny. This is why many companies are seeking to go beyond current regulations, in order to reassure consumers and to preserve their brand image.

Tame-Water's contribution

Tame-Water has developed an innovative approach based on bioassay analyses. These analyses consist in evaluating the potential impacts of chemical toxins in a given water sample on bioassays such as bacteria, algae, fungi, yeast and human cells. 
With its range of analyzers and analytical services performed in the laboratory, Tame-Water is able to assess chronic or acute toxicity related to the following families of pollutants and micropollutants:  

  • heavy metals
  • pesticides
  • hydrocarbons
  • endocrine disruptor
  • drug residues
  • microplastics
  • cocktail effects

Tame-Water is therefore able to provide a relevant complementary analysis for industries wishing to establish an ecotoxic diagnosis of their process water and wastewater in order to ensure biomonitoring, to implement preventive actions and to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment systems.  

Industrialists are thus able to better control the quality of their water, anticipate regulatory changes and promote their environmental approach to their customers. 

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