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The worlds of TRONICO

5 activities led by TRONICO

activiités de TRONICO

The worlds of TRONICO

5 activities led by TRONICO

activiités de TRONICO

Since 2008, a major transformation has been undertaken at TRONICO by Patrick Collet, its CEO, in order to develop the company’s activities and to preserve jobs.

Observing the environmental challenges of today, and wishing to give meaning and value to its products, TRONICO has initiated a shift in focus that is strategic, daring and centred on innovation.

To achieve its ambitions and to break the codes of subcontracting, TRONICO has set up an innovation committee, directly led by its CEO. Its first objective is to supply production with clean products. Today, this R&D department has 70 multiphysics engineers, able to intervene in a large number of fields of activity.

This strategy —combining engineering, an understanding of market behaviour and an awareness of new challenges in energy and the environment— has led to the creation of a first “Tronico world”: Tame-Power®

Subsequently, growing concerns over water quality inspired the purchase of the Vigicell company, renamed Tame-Water®, a pioneer in comprehensive water quality monitoring and assessment with bioassays.

Tame-Care® was created at the height of the COVID-19 health crisis to urgently develop the electronics for the MakAir ventilator, the instrumentation (EasyVID) of the EasyCOV saliva test and the STERY-UVC line of products for UVC disinfection.

What could be more coherent in the context of business diversification than to capitalise on strengths and know-how?

Spin-offs originally reserved for established customers, Tame-Component® and Tame-Test® now share their skills and experience with all markets in the fields of component analysis and test benches, respectively.

All these products and services are designed, developed and commercialised in Saint-Philbert-de-Bouaine, in Vendée (France).


Created in 2020, Tame-Care® is specialised in medical technologies. This entity, the fruit of TRONICO’s know-how in medical electronics, aims to become a leader in the field of electronic medical devices. Tame-Care has already demonstrated its capacity for innovation on projects involving UV disinfection, detection of organic compounds, ventilators with MakAir or the EasyCOV serological tests.


Founded in the 2000s, the Tame-Component® laboratory offers services in consulting, expertise, analysis and testing for electronic components, boards and systems.

Some Tame-Component customers include major French and European  corporations in the markets of Aerospace, Mobility, Medical, Energy and Defence.


Created in 2016, Tame-Power® is specialised in power management and conversion. The brand offers DC/DC energy conversion solutions, power distribution units and battery management systems. 

Tame-Power products are mainly intended for low-carbon land, air or sea mobility (hydrogen and/or electric) and for industrial applications (generator sets).

Tame-Power is thus part of the global electrification and energy transition effort and provides power solutions that are more respectful of the environment.  


For 25 years, Tame-Test® has been a specialist in testing solutions for circuit boards, semi-finished and finished products and equipment. 

The global solution proposed by Tame-Test revolves around three main areas: 

  • Testing solutions (test case, semi-automatic and automatic tests)
  • Data analysis (artificial intelligence, statistics, data collection and machine learning)
  • Complementary services (design for test, test strategy, maintenance and retrofit)

Tame-Test supports its customers in the process of reducing losses and optimising production.

3 rue Jean Jaurès
85000 La Roche-sur-Yon

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