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Norm Solution Tame-Water

Norm Solution

Checking for water compliance

Norm Solution Tame-Water

Historically developed and standardised well before the emergence of micropollutant issues, the conventional regulatory bioassays that have been used, judiciously, remain pertinent for investigations of acute general toxicity.

Tame-Water® supports and advises its clients so that they can gain the maximum potential of the company’s tools.

In addition to its innovative combinations of bioassays, Tame-Water® offers Daphna Magna (ISO 6341 & OECD 202), Selenastrum capricornutum (ISO 8692 & OECD 201) and Aliivibrio fisherii/Microtox (NF EF ISO 11348) regulatory tests under GLP conditions.

They are used for routine compliance checks. They are ideal in the context of integrated exploration, alongside the other bioassays or as a link between conventional indicators and the results of innovative approaches.

Daphnia magna

What are Daphnia magna?
Daphnia magna

Daphnia magna is a planktonic crustacean commonly used in evolutionary biology and ecotoxicology. It has been extensively studied and standardised in the context of bioassays.

Aliivibrio fischeri

What are Aliivibrio fischeri?
Aliivibrio Fischeri

This bioluminescent marine bacterium allows tests to be carried out in ecotoxicology. Its use has also been the subject of an ISO standard.

Selenastrum capriconutum

What are Selenastrum capricornutum?

This micro-algae is a bioindicator. It can be used to determine the levels of nutrients or toxic substances (even those with metals). This micro-algae is very sensitive to toxicity.

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